Thursday, June 16, 2011

Well, I never knew that!!

Each day at noon, I get so excited! Not only because it's lunch and I get an hour away from work to run errands, enjoy a sandwich either from Kuntry Kitchen or Subway, read some more of Fern Michaels' Sisterhood Series or whatever else I may be up to that particular weekday hour, but also because I get a text message that I love to read.

Now, I used to really enjoy a Strawberry-Kiwi Snapple on a regular basis. However, I don't know if my tastes simply changed or if the company may have tweaked their recipe, but I just don't care for them as much these days. Snapple lids all feature a Snapple Real Fact. By not indulging in the fruity-flavored drink, sadly, that meant I was missing out on learning some bizarre or unusual fact that I had never wondered about before. Then I stumbled upon something that made me happy! You can and I did enroll online to receive Snapple Real Facts daily via text message. I'd like to now share with you some of my favorites followed by a little personal thought on each.
  1. Children grow faster in the spring.~ They grow WAY too fast as it is! Let's take them to the other side of the world during spring to keep them little longer. :-)
  2. Broccoli is the only vegetable that is also a flower. ~ I still don't like it!
  3. Alaska has the highest percentage of people who walk to work.~ I wonder if my friend Dawn (Ball) Panthin and her family in Anchorage walk to work?
  4. The state of Maine has 62 lighthouses. ~Amanda, did you see them all last year?
  5. Chewing gum while peeling onions will prevent you from crying. ~ Definitely going to give this one a try next time I am chopping onions! I'll let you know if indeed it is a real FACT.
  6. The average human will eat an average of 8 spiders while sleeping. ~ I am seriously considering sleeping with my lips clothes-pinned shut from now on!
  7. Termites eat through wood two times faster while listening to rock music. ~ Really, who would've thought to test such a thing?!
  8. Elephants: only sleep two hours a day, are the only mammal that cannot jump, and are capable of swimming 20 miles a day. ~ I now find elephants quite interesting.
  9. Eleven percent of the people in the world are left-handed. ~ I once read that left-handed people were also more likely to have accidents. I think it is because most gadgets are designed for right-handed people or something.
  10. A sneeze travels out your nose at a speed of 100 mph.~ And I seem to often sneeze just after applying mascara. So annoying!!!
  11. There are 18 different animal shapes in an animal cracker zoo. ~ Really? Is that after combining several of the broken heads on different broken bodies or what? I can only remember elephants, giraffes and camels. What others can you recall?
  12. The average person spends two weeks of its lifetime waiting for a traffic light to change. ~ I wonder if that is so for those of us from Cumberland County?
  13. Oysters can change genders back and forth. ~ No comment.
  14. Fish can drown. ~ I am now certain this is what must've happened to all those goldfish that I won at the county fair that passed away and then were flushed away.
  15. When the moon is directly over you, you weigh less.~ So don't be surprised if you see me out at night trying to place a scale under the moon. :-)
  16. Pigeons have been trained by the U.S. Coast Guard to spot people lost at sea.~ Good to know.
  17. Texas is the only state that permits residents to cast absentee ballots from space.~ I wonder how many times this has even been necessary for an election?
  18. President Woodrow Wilson once lost the White House china in a poker game.~ Ahhh... so the habit of gambling with the taxpayers money began some time ago I see.
  19. The largest cheesecake ever made weighed 57,508 lbs.~ I bet if it were made by Rafferty's in Elizabethtown, Larry England could take care of a good hunk of it himself.
  20. There are seven letters that look the same upside down as right side up.~ You know that I'm going to be writing out the alphabet immediately trying to determine exactly which letters they are! 
    Have a great Thursday! Hope it is filled with wonder!! 

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